Today Thomson Reuters announced the launch of HighQ Contract Analysis. The produce speeds contract review and analysis with machine learning technology. to answer the specific questions legal professionals want to address – in an easy-to-read report.

According to the press release, HighQ Contract Analysis  leverages machine learning and pre-trained models “to help attorneys increase efficiency, reduce risk, and accelerate the contract-review process for transaction due
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LexisNexis has dominated litigation analytics since it’s acquisition of Lex Machina and Ravel Law over the past decade. Ravel has been integrated into Lexis Advance, under the Context brand. Today Lexis Nexis announced the launch of Context Company Analytics. The original Context Judges analytics product uses language analysis to gain insights into judges precedential behavior. With the Company Analytics launch they are using language analysis to visualize insights derived from business news, company financials and litigation. Lexis has historically been strong in both company
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I have been predicting that predictive tools would gain an increasing presence  in the practice of law. The press release from Thomson Reuters about Legislative Insights on Westlaw Edge  carefully skirts the prediction issue by substituting the word “probabilities.” Thomson Reuters deep legislative coverage is about to be turbo charged with technology from Skopos Labs. Thomson Reuters was an early investor in Skopos through their venture capital arm Thomson Reuters Ventures.

Legislative Insight is driven by a proprietary machine learning and natural language processing methodology from
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By my recollection State Net is one of the oldest surviving legal research and legislative tracking systems.  State Net collected and coded and normalized data about the activities of 50 state legislatures back in the dial up  days of modems with acoustic couplers. They thrived long enough to be acquired by Lexis Nexis in 2010.

Over the years the system expanded to cover regulations from all 50 states. The latest challenge is addressing the growth in important local legislation. State Net now tracks  laws introduced in over 300 major cities and counties around the country.

Daniel Lewis, founder of Ravel Law which was acquired by Lexis Nexis in 2017 is now responsible for the State Net system in his role as vice president of product LexisNexis Legal & Professional. Lewis provided me with an overview of the new State Net features and put the challenge of state motioning in perspective. According to Lewis  each year 135,000 bills are introduced across the 50 states compared to about 10,000 federal bills. Fifteen times more state bills
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Blue J Legal had a small booth at the American Association of Law Libraries conference in Washington, DC this summer.  Yet… they had one of the most impressive new offerings in the exhibit hall.  Tax Foresight  can predict the likely outcome of a tax controversy with at least 90 percent accuracy.  The product uses AI

For my entire career, people have been suggesting that “the end was near” for librarians.  A  spectacularly absurd notion in a burgeoning knowledge economy. Once again the marketplace is demonstrating the versatility and value librarians  can bring to innovative knowledge organizations even in the 21st Century. Last week Kira the legal tech innovator posted a new job opening for a “Machine Learning Knowledge Analyst.” A complete description and link to the job application can be located at this link.

Here is how the job  posing in introduced:

“There is no question that for every successful law firm there is a talented group of law librarians who manage the flow of information, disseminate legal resources, and strategically support other
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