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Only weeks after receiving the prestigious 2017 New Product Award from the American Association of Law Libraries, CARA is announcing today the release of a new “Brief Finder” feature.

Casetext’s CARA (Case Analysis Research Assistant) launched with the promise of helping lawyers find the most relevant caselaw.  Last August I reviewed CARA in a post:

AALL  has Released the Executive Board Member Election Results:
(JULY 2017 – JULY 2018)
Femi Cadmus
Edward Cornell Law Librarian, Associate Dean for Library Services,
& Professor of Practice 
Cornell University Law Library
Ithaca, NY
(July 2017 – July 2020)
Luis Acosta
Law Library of Congress
Chief, Foreign, Comparative,

Today the American Association of Law Libraries announced the adoption of a new logo that combines the organization’s acronym with a new tagline “your legal knowledge network.”

According to the  press release “AALL’s new brand supports its strategic goals to foster knowledge, community, and leadership.” “Today, legal information services and the role of the law

American Association of Law LibrariesIn response to the recent American Lawyer article on the outsourcing of law libraries, AALL President Keith Ann Stiverson released a statement today which underscored the important role which information professionals play in 21st century law firms. Stiverson recognized the value of limited, targeted outsourcing but warned of risks and hidden costs arising from the

AALL announced the slate for the 2017-18 Executive Board. The slate includes four nominees from AmLaw100 firms, 3 academic candidates and one candidate from the Law Library of Congress.  I am honored to be among the nominees. A pretty impressive slate if I do say so myself.  I have reprinted the AALL announcement below. Congratulations to my fellow

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The American Association of Law Libraries Board (and myself by proxy) received a harsh rebuke from the AALL membership when the rebranding vote results were announced today.   I wasn’t surprised that  the name  “Association for Legal Information” was rejected. I was stunned that it was  voted down by a  huge majority. I expected a close

future is already here, it just isn’t evenly distributed.”
William Gibson,
author and futurist.
uneven “distribution of the future” is fueling an intense debate within the
American Association of Law Libraries. Last week the  organization
announced that the Executive Committee had voted unanimously to change the name
of the organization to the

Law Libraries Have Changed  c. Jean OGrady

Law Librarians were in law firms at least 30 years before any law firm hired a computer services technician. Law librarians have been breaking down the library walls for decades, but it was only this week that the Private Law Libraries section of AALL rebranded.

Law librarians were