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It was only a matter of time. We all know that Lexis and Westlaw watch the emerging legal content providers closely. The rumor of the week is that some sort of alliance is brewing between LexisNexis and legal newsletter publisher Law360. It has also been rumored that both Lexis and Westlaw lost out to

Almost a modern day parody of Henry Ford’s color palette for the Model T (“You can have any color as long as it’s black.”) Bloomberg is entering the legal marketplace with monochromatic contract as in, “You can have any contract you want as long as it’s Bloomberg’s standard contract.”
So what’s the Upside?
In exchange

The synergy Between Bloomberg and BNA

  • Both are non-public companies.
  • Both rooted in journalism
  • Both “Made in America”

A slight digression: The recent decades of consolidation in the legal publishing industry has resulted in the wholesale  expatriation of control of American’s primary legal research content. (Lexis, born in Ohio is owned by Anglo-Dutch company, Reed