Less than a month ago LexisNexis announced the launch of Lexis+ AI which launched with Conversational search, document drafting, summarization and analysis features. Today they are announcing the availability of two new features designed to speed up workflow and deliver insights from within two very different contexts: CourtLink and Microsoft Word.

Lexis Snapshot
The new Lexis Snapshot will summarize complaints filed in U.S. Federal District Court cases. It uses Generative AI to identify the nature of suit, summarize the complaint, identify parties, harms, and remedies in the complaint. CourtLink subscribers can add Snapshot to their subscription. There are also plans to expand the service to additional product and documents within the “Lexis ecosystem.”

All CourtLink Customer can preview the Snapshot service for free though the end of 2023.
At launch, the Lexis Snapshot service can be added to CourtLink. They also plan to expand the
service to additional products and document types “within the LexisNexis generative AI-enabled legal product ecosystem in future releases.”Continue Reading Lexis+AI Suite Of Tools Expanded with Lexis Snapshot and Lexis Create

Today ECFX announced that they had raised $7M in funding to expand their court notice management platform. Investors include Growth Street Partners, The Legal Tech Fund. Cove Fund as well as other investors. ECFX was founded in 2019 by attorneys Dan O’Day and Nelson Quintero. Their system is designed to streamline and automate the processing, distribution and internal filing of state and federal ECF notices received by law firms and in -house counsel offices. The system is designed to reduce risk of missed deadlines as well as repetitive administrative work associated with court notices. I routinely harp on the importance of vendors providing ROI tools. ECFX offers a free ROI calculator on their website to help customers and potential customers calculate the potential savings associated with streamlining the court notice workflow.

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ALM, the “grand-daddy” of legal reporting and intelligence has launched state court coverage in Law.com Radar. Law.com Radar delivers a clean customizable stream of breaking legal news and competitive insights.

Today’s release includes more than 100 courts in California, New York, New Jersey, Florida, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Texas and Maryland. Additional state courts will be introduced over the coming weeks and months, providing Law.com Radar users with new litigation alerts from key jurisdictions across the U.S. Most important of all the news comes with a link tot he full complaint which can be retrieved in” “one click.”

The Radar product provides litigation surveillance in commercially important state courts which are more challenging to monitor than federal courts, since there is no single reporting system for state courts. Radar covers courts that require the manual collection of documents. The Radar alerts include AI generated summaries which speed the accuracy and timeliness of delivery.

The  latest release supplements Law.com Radar’s existing coverage of federal district courts and Delaware’s Court of Chancery as well as its publication of corporate deal updates. Last July ALM released Law.com Rader Trend Detection  capabilities. 

New Alerting Features include daily case reports by jurisdiction. These new litigation  alerts that can be configured around courts, practice areas, topics, industry segments, law firms, parties or free text searches. And contain a link to the full complaint!

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American LegalNet,Inc (ALN) was founded in 1996 as a platform to provide law firms access to State, Federal, Court, and Agency  U.S. court forms. I was already familiar with the exhaustive catalog of federal and state litigation and administrative forms which ALN provides in their Forms Workflow product. I recently had the opportunity to meet with ALN founder Erez Bustan and got a full tour of how ALN has transformed into a robust litigation workflow solution addressing some of the labor-intensive processes associated with docket filing and management. In March 2021 they launched ALN Cloud which offers an integrated cloud and mobile litigation experience. The ALN Cloud offers a simpler and
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