Today Bloomberg Law is launching enhancements to their Draft Analyzer tool which streamlines the  M&A drafting process. The Draft Analyzer was launched in 2015  as a “what’s market” tool which I reviewed in an earlier post.  The Draft Analyzer streamlines transactional workflow by leveraging a proprietary algorithm to benchmark a clause  to similar provisions

Today Casetext is announcing the availability of a Microsoft Word plug-in for the Compose brief drafting technology. It makes sense to put a valuable drafting tool right in place where lawyers spend their time drafting. Compose enables  attorneys to locate and add arguments, legal standards, and precedent without ever leaving Word.

According to the press release, the Word version of Compose includes all the motions and features available in the original Compose application: a menu of click-to-add arguments, legal standards customized to the attorney’s side and jurisdiction, and Parallel Search, a powerful form of concept-based legal search which uses a sentence to find matching case law, even if it includes none of the same language.

The Promise of Dramatic Efficiencies .“Compose already increases efficiency in brief-drafting by 4x,[1] in part because it cuts out the need for attorneys to bounce between templates, treatises, case law databases, and a DMS in order to
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Today Casetext is releasing The first  Compose employment law collection:
Wage and Hour. In my original Compose product review I noted that “Compose does not promise to replace lawyers – it offers to make lawyers more efficient by automating the first draft of a motion or brief. It can also function as a tutorial for a new lawyer who is assigned with drafting a motion for the first time.” Compose launched
Casetext released their groundbreaking drafting tool in conjunction with Legal Tech in January with three  collections: Federal Discovery, Federal Motion to Dismiss, and Federal Core Civil Procedure.  Since that time they have continued to expand their library of motions. Compose enables a lawyer to select a motion type in specific jurisdictions, add arguments from a menu for the jurisdiction, select legal standards customized to the arguments and jurisdiction, add facts and authorities using the powerful Parallel Search technology and then customize the draft.  In July,  Casetext released  a report “Increasing Law Firm Profitability using Compose Brief-Drafting technology”  which documents the dramatic efficiencies delivered by the Compose drafting tool.
16 New Wage and Hour Motions  Casetext interviewed labor lawyers and examined court dockets in order to determine the  16 most commonly filed motions in labor law litigation. The motions included in the Compose Wage  and Hour collection are tailored to the substantive legal issues arising in this type of litigation. The motions are  available for the three jurisdictions where 75% of all the wage and hour litigation in the US is filed: the federal courts California and New York. Motions include:

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Today Bloomberg BNA is  announcing the launch of Bloomberg Law:Corporate Transactions, “a revolutionary new web-based product that includes a patented technology-driven drafting workflow tool, analytics powered by Bloomberg’s proprietary financial databases.”  Bloomberg provided me with an exclusive preview.  The resource leverages and integrates the Bloomberg BNA  deal repository, news publications, primary resources, secondary materials,