Today Casetext is releasing The first  Compose employment law collection:
Wage and Hour. In my original Compose product review I noted that “Compose does not promise to replace lawyers – it offers to make lawyers more efficient by automating the first draft of a motion or brief. It can also function as a tutorial for a new lawyer who is assigned with drafting a motion for the first time.” Compose launched
Casetext released their groundbreaking drafting tool in conjunction with Legal Tech in January with three  collections: Federal Discovery, Federal Motion to Dismiss, and Federal Core Civil Procedure.  Since that time they have continued to expand their library of motions. Compose enables a lawyer to select a motion type in specific jurisdictions, add arguments from a menu for the jurisdiction, select legal standards customized to the arguments and jurisdiction, add facts and authorities using the powerful Parallel Search technology and then customize the draft.  In July,  Casetext released  a report “Increasing Law Firm Profitability using Compose Brief-Drafting technology”  which documents the dramatic efficiencies delivered by the Compose drafting tool.
16 New Wage and Hour Motions  Casetext interviewed labor lawyers and examined court dockets in order to determine the  16 most commonly filed motions in labor law litigation. The motions included in the Compose Wage  and Hour collection are tailored to the substantive legal issues arising in this type of litigation. The motions are  available for the three jurisdictions where 75% of all the wage and hour litigation in the US is filed: the federal courts California and New York. Motions include:

  • Motions to compel arbitration
  • Motions to compel discovery
  • Motion for class certification
  • Motions for summary judgment.
Compose Wage and Hour Motion Drafting
Compose enables a lawyer to look at appropriate arguments and applicable legal standards which can be added to the draft motion with one click. Powerful parallel search technology enables a lawyer to locate precedent tailored to their specific facts.  According to the press release the compose  Wage and Hour collection includes 1,102 arguments and 5,350 for legal standards and citations to over 25,000 cases.
Casetext  will be releasing an employment discrimination collection in the near future and they have included some preview motions with today’s Wage and Hour collection release.: a motion to dismiss and a motion for summary judgment of claims arising under title VII of the civil rights act..
Getting Access The compose employment collection will be immediately available to existing compose clients. Attorneys can try  Compose for free by requesting an account at this link. Law firms that are interested in access to Compose can reach out to for more information.