Today I am summarizing the process initiatives submitted by readers responding to the Start Stop Poll.

The 2016-17 initiatives focus on: visibility outreach, targeted marketing, lawyer training and collecting attorney feedback and measuring value and satisfaction with resources and services. The more surprising response was a plea for the retention of print resources.

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The March  issue of Thomson Reuters Practice Innovations is out. Articles focus on legal project management in various contexts, Litigation, Knowledge Management, Research, Process Improvement.
Here are links to the articles:
Process Improvement and Legal Work Product by Silvia Coulter, LawVision Group
Distressed Litigation and Legal Project Management by James Buckley and Aileen Levanton, Qlex 

The new economics of the legal industry dictate that Law Library Directors and CKOs must seek strategic alignment with their firms by considering bold new thoughts on how and what we manage. We need to step back and identify the causes and sources of inefficiency within our organizations. Some processes and assumptions are so entrenched