In recent weeks the publications divisions of both the American Bar Association and the American Law Institute have sent out surveys seeking private firm librarian input on their electronic resource development  plans. I encourage private firm librarians and knowledge specialists to participate and provide feedback. Both publishers  clearly recognize  who the experts are!

The American Bar Association Survey can be found at this link.

The American Law Institute  Publications Department sent out a survey  with this message:

The Subject Line of the Email is  “American Law Institute Publications Department”

The American Law Institute invites you to participate in a survey about your firm’s current and future use of Restatements and Principles, in both print and online format.

Our goal is to deliver our publications in the most efficient and effective way, ensuring our customers’ satisfaction and strengthening our relationship going forward.

Regardless of whether you choose to participate in this survey, you are welcome to contact us should you need access to project drafts, meeting proceedings or any other ALI materials. Please contact Pat Daly at for more information about access to ALI materials.
ALI send links which were unique to each email address. If you did not receive a survey please contact Pat Daly at the above email address.  The Survey will close June 30, 2014.
Participation Pays Off

I encourage my colleagues to participate in these surveys. This is an opportunity to provide valuable insights on  lawyer research workflows as well as technology and platform preferences. All too often we have seen products which were seemingly developed by technologists who were enamored with technology but oblivious to real practitioner needs. We forfeit the right to complain when we pass up on opportunities to participate in product planning and development.