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Project management, Lean Six Sigma, efficiency and workflow optimization are among the hottest buzzwords in law firm management as law firms compete to show clients that they are both smart and lean. If you are confused about where to start, this  upcoming  American Bar Association webinar promises to offer some answers.

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Knowledge strategy is not about technology; it’s about
efficiency. In the current  buyers market, value conscious clients shop around for law firms that can demonstrate that they have a knowledge strategy. For law firms, alternative fee arrangements can not be profitable unless they have optimized efficiency by leveraging internal knowledge and time saving tools and resources.. Savvy clients  will go

“Knowledge management and knowledge strategy are not well
understood at the senior management level in law firms. Yet economic
pressures today make this practice management technique an even
more important activity, which should be managed and accountable at
the senior partner level. A handful of law firms are doing this now and
the trend will likely continue. Our Group hopes to facilitate

Earlier this year I reported on  the New York Law Institute’s dramatic transformation into a national membership library offering an unprecedented eBook collection including over 85,000 titles. This month they have added two important new legal collections from
Lexis Matthew Bender and the American Bar Association to their eBook offerings.
The Matthew Bender and ABA

In recent weeks the publications divisions of both the American Bar Association and the American Law Institute have sent out surveys seeking private firm librarian input on their electronic resource development  plans. I encourage private firm librarians and knowledge specialists to participate and provide feedback. Both publishers  clearly recognize  who the experts are!

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