Back in July, I hosted a program on IBM Watson at the American Association of Law Libraries Conference in Philadelphia.

Kyla Moran of IBM Watson Team at AALL

I wrote an article about the program: ” Hand in Hand with IBM Watson: How Will Augmented Intelligence will Transform the Way We Work?”  which has been published as the cover story in the September/October issue of AALL Spectrum.


“Ever since IBM Watson beat Jeopardy champion Ken  Jennings on
the television game show, the legal press ha been a wash with articles
speculating on how soon Watson will replace both librarians and lawyerrs. I had
the privilege of moderating a  ”hot topic”
program at the 2015 AALL Annual Meeting & Conference that explores the
potential  impact of IBM Watson on the legal
profession. Our speaker,  Kyla Moran,
senior consultant on the Watson Industry Leadership team at IBM gave a presentation
titled: “Doctor, Lawyer. Contestant, Chef: How New Cognitive Technology will
Drive the  Transformation of Society as
we Know it.” Read the full article  here.

Special kudos to  Spectrum Editorial Director, Catherine Lemmer and Marketing and Communications Manager, Ashley St. John, the Spectrum Editorial Board*  and AALL leadership on the spectacular redesign on the magazine. The “Technology Issue” also Includes:

Disclosure:* I am on the Spectrum Editorial Board but I claim no credit – the redesign was in the works before I joined the Board.