Westlaw Adds 6 New Features: “Westlaw Answers,”
Research Recommendations, Snapshots, and  Folder Enhancements… At No Charge to
There has been great anticipation surrounding the recent
announcement that Thomson Reuters was entering into an alliance with IBM to use
their Watson technology.  Westlaw’s new features especially “Westlaw
Answers” caused me to assume that this must

Last Wednesday, Thomson Reuters hosted an Innovation Summit
in New York City for legal journalists and bloggers in advance of the Legal Tech
Before the presentation began I noticed  that TR has adopted a new corporate slogan: “Thomson
Reuters the answer company.”  A bit of a
pivot from their 2013 Innovation Summit where they

Knowledge strategy is not about technology; it’s about
efficiency. In the current  buyers market, value conscious clients shop around for law firms that can demonstrate that they have a knowledge strategy. For law firms, alternative fee arrangements can not be profitable unless they have optimized efficiency by leveraging internal knowledge and time saving tools and resources.. Savvy clients  will go

Thomson Reuters announced today that they have entered into a collaboration with IBM to deliver cognitive technology solutions to their customers. Before the legal profession falls into a swoon  of anticipation —lets be clear. The press release makes no mention of the legal market in particular. Thomson Reuters is a very large multinational organization that