Casemaker has announced the launch of Casemaker4 – a “next generation” research platform with a new look, faster search and expanded functionality New features were added based on extensive testing and user feedback. New features include: alerts delivered via email; advanced search opinions; predictive “type ahead” functionality; and “intelligent algorithms” which suggest related primary and secondary materials related to the research query.   Casemaker4 is positioned in the low cost online research market which has benefited from the convergence of  algorithms, legal text investment and market frustration with the high cost of products from the largest vendors: Thomson Reuters, LexisNexis and Bloomberg.

Demos are available from Casemaker upon request.

Here is the press release

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Casemaker Launches Next Generation Research Platform Casemaker4 brings new look, faster searching, expanded functionality

Charlottesville, VA, June 3, 2019 – Casemaker today announced the formal launch of its next generation legal research platform, Casemaker4. Beginning today, all Casemaker subscribers have access to Casemaker4, which features a redesigned user interface and leverages improved search speed and more intuitive site navigation to deliver faster results.

“We are thrilled to announce the release of Casemaker4,” said Sarah Gorman, Chief Operating Officer at Casemaker. “The new platform is informed by several years of user feedback and an extensive beta testing process. The response from the last round of beta was overwhelmingly positive and we are extremely excited to now open up Casemaker4 to our entire subscriber base.”

In creating Casemaker4, the development team was presented with two overarching imperatives:

On the one hand, improve search speed, modernize the interface to enable more intuitive site navigation, and upgrade design responsiveness to better accommodate mobile devices; On the other hand, retain features and design elements that loyal Casemaker users value and trust, and minimize changes with the potential to disorient.

“In other words: Make it new, make it better, but avoid change for change’s sake,” said Casemaker Chief Information Officer Dan McCade. “The history of platform re-designs is littered with examples of solutions in search of problems. We were determined to only add features that would matter to our users, and to not throw out the baby with the bath water, so to speak.”

According to McCade, expanded feature functionality on Casemaker4 includes a new Alerts feature that enables a user to have new developments in areas of interest delivered straight to her in box; an expanded Search Input Box with an Advanced Search option; predictive “Type Ahead” functionality; and the incorporation of intelligent algorithms to suggest related primary and secondary materials not previously displayed.

In third party testing* Casemaker has been shown to consistently return more relevant results than other low cost legal research services, while also featuring more thorough and up-to-date primary law content sets, and a more precise and less cumbersome negative citator, CaseCheck+.

“Now, with the launch of Casemaker4, our subscribers can enjoy the best of both worlds,” Gorman said. “A much improved platform with state-of-the-art functionality, and content they can continue to rely on with confidence.”

Demos are available upon request.

*The study may be found at


* * * About Casemaker: Casemaker focuses on a single mission: providing attorneys with affordable access to high quality legal research. Available for free to members of almost 30 bar associations, and to nonmembers at a fraction of the cost charged by “premium” providers, the Casemaker legal research system offers full federal and 50-state primary law coverage that is often more current than that provided by the leading high-cost services. For more information, please visit Casemaker is a division of Lawriter®, LLC.