Last  week  Gavelytics announced the the expansion (I would call it a makeover) of their state litigation analytics platform. Not only is the look and feel completely refreshed, but they have added new content and enhanced search and filtering features. Gavelytics 2.0 expands state court litigation analytics and data on judges, law firms, lawyers, and litigants as well as a massive searchable database of litigation documents and briefs.  Currently covering 10 U.S. states, Gavelytics coverage will expand to 20 states by December 2020.

The graphics have been enhanced for lawyers, judges, law firms and litigants. One of the best new features is the expandable list of law firm names to enable researchers to include variant law firm  names in order to capture all the relevant analytics.

Gavelytics has played an important role in the competitive market to build out state court analytics coverage.Law firms have embraced analytics to demonstrate the firms litigation experience for pitches and for developing litigation strategies.

The press release describes how  Gavelytics “analyzes tens of millions of litigation documents and applies machine learning to provide actionable insights on the behaviors and tendencies of judges, lawyers, law firms and litigants.  It scours underlying litigation documents and displays information in user-friendly, highly-intelligible charts, so users aren’t forced to run complicated word-based queries that too frequently return useless information, as is often the case with other products.”

“We’re very excited about the increased value to subscribers delivered by Gavelytics 2.0,” says Rick Merrill, founder and CEO of Gavelytics.  “We’ve vastly expanded analytics to include all state court litigation participants and revamped our technology to automate the development of our industry-leading analytics, enhance accuracy, update data daily, and allow us to ramp quickly for release into new jurisdictions.  Gavelytics subscribers get the most timely and accurate state court litigation analytics available on the market and law firms get a proprietary database of millions of litigation briefs to expand their existing briefs banks.  Gavelytics 2.0 is a great return on investment for all Gavelytics subscribers.”

Gavelytics 2.0 also includes millions of case-augmenting litigation briefs that cannot be found on any other platform.  Search through dockets, rulings and briefs to further enhance legal research with just the click-of-a-button

The press release outlines the ways Gavelytics 2.0 delivers insights that inform and empower litigators, law firms and other users to:

  • Keep clients and stakeholders better apprised of potential motion and case outcomes
  • Make decisions on judge disqualification filings
  • Write briefs customized to specific judges; find language a judge has found persuasive
  • Find what experience a judge has on particular types of cases or with particular parties
  • Adjust settlement posture based on anticipated rulings
  • Develop new business by showcasing unique expertise, local knowledge and foresight
  • See what law firms and lawyers a prospective client used in the past
  • Check the quality and competence of litigators and their law firms
  • Review detailed analytics on law firms and jurisdictions

According to Justin Brownstone, Gavelyics plans to add 30 more counties across 10 more states  bringing total coverage to 96 counties across 20 states in 2020.