Better late than never. Here is my retrospective of top 2021 Dewey B Strategic posts.  The top stories reflect a wide swath of issues including rebranding, mergers, innovation, service disruptions, product realignments, launches, workflow and analytics. In looking at the list I am shocked to see that there is no reference at all to COVID-19. How quickly the most disruptive force in decades transformed into an environmental “white noise” – pervasive and inescapable but not generating the surge of research innovation and work-arounds that characterized 2020.. Somehow we all “kept calm and carried on.”


Wolters Kluwer’s Cheetah is being Rebranded as Vitallaw What’s a Librarian to Do? October 28, 2021

The Results Are in Dewey B Strategic What’s Hot and What’s Not Part 1. Westlaw Edge vs. Lexis vs. Law Firm Budgets. March 11, 2021

The Dewey B Strategic 2020-21 Hits and Misses Survey: The Product Most Likely to Be Cancelled. Is Lex Machina. April  26,2021

 Feit Consulting” Is Lexis Practical Guidance Ready for Prime Time? September 21,2021

Thomson Reuters Launches Practical Law Dynamic Tool Set July 12,2021

LexisNexis Launching Law360 Pulse to Focus on the Business of Law January 4,2021

Fastcase and Casemaker Merge to Create the Largest Legal Research Platform by Subscriber Count. January 5,2021

Westlaw Services Back to Normal Following Serious Disruptions Through Most of Tuesday. September 28,2021

 Breaking News: ALM News Ends Exclusive Relationship with LexisNexis White Extending LexisNexis Alliance. January 2021

Bloomberg Adds American Lawyers Media News, Experts and Verdicts. January 5.2021

The Dewey B Strategic 2020-21 Hits and Misses Survey: What Research, KM, Workflow and Analytics Product Are Readers Buying?  April 2021

What’s Hot and What’s Not Bloomberg Brief Analyzer and Thomson Reuters Quickcheck Judicial Tied for Best New Workflow Product. March 2021

2020 State of the Legal Market Report A Tipping Point for Law Firm Transformation? January 12,2020

What’s Hot and What’s Not 2020-21 Survey :ALM radar Voted Best Legal news. Product. And Thomson Reuters Legal Home – Best Marketplace March  18,2021

Lexis  Legal News Hub Integrated Law360 Content into Research Ecosystem July 1,2021

 In the Brief Checking Wars Thomson Reuters Ups the Antes with New Contrary Authority Feature June 2021

Look Inside Your Opponents Brain Lexis Launches Context Attorney Analytics. March 1, 2021