Today Intelligize,  a LexisNexis company, is announcing the launch of Company Insights – a new feature which provides seamless access to detailed financial data provided by premium financial data provider Factset. Until now, Intelligize focused on text based searching and with Company Insights they are pivoting to include quantitative financial research analytics.

According to the press release: ”Company Insights indexes and synthesizes a wide range of corporate information, including regulatory disclosures, earnings-call transcripts, stock-price and ownership data, corporate governance documents, analyst/investor presentations, and releases, in addition to thousands of LexisNexis® news sources.”

The  Company Insights data is presented as a navigable dashboard of analytics which can be used for competitive intelligence or M&A deal due diligence in law firms.

Phil Brown, Managing Director summed up the benefit to law firms: “Intelligize’s Company Insights revolutionizes the
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We have all become used to the idea of extracting insights from litigation docket data. But regulatory analytics appearto be emerging as an exciting new area for practice and competitive insights. Intelligize just launched a new feature which offers interactive Insights derived from from No Action letters enabling lawyers and financial analysts to glean quick insights into No Action Letter grants and denials by company, issue an law firm. No action letters are used by companies  to  send inquiries to the Securities & Exchange Commission Staff in order to determine if certain activities, actions or products would violate federal securities law.

New Analytics show

  • Top Shareholder Proposal Subcategories – trends
  • Successful requests by law firms – League tables
  • Most Cited Letters – find key seminal letters that became precedent
  • Request Outcomes -See incoming letter to the SEC and the past letters the the SEC concurred on, were unable to concur on requests which were withdrawn.

Other Enhancements
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Intelligize  which offers a sophisticated platform for securities law research has added a new Accounting Standards and Guidance Module.

The new module features:

  • Benchmarking of financial disclosures
  • Analytical views to quickly identify filing and disclosure characteristics
  • Trending accounting topics
  • Intelligize Filtering and tagging
  • Accounting Memos and guidance handbooks from “the big four” accounting firms