Image result for 2019Looking back on 2019. It was a year of product launches, re-brands and realignments.  Here are the most popular posts of 2019 followed by a list of the most read posts from earlier years.

Happy New Year!

  1. Terminal Outrage: Results of the 2018-19 Dewey B Strategic Hits and Misses Survey
  2. Breaking News Wolters Kluwer Malware Attack – Research Platforms Offline For Now
  3. Bloomberg Law Returns to Predictable Pricing Model Enhances Customer Cost Management
  4. Thomson Reuters Panoramic New Platform Integrates The Practice and Business of Law
  5. Thomson Reuters Launches Westlaw Edge Quick Check Raising the Bar for Citation Insights
  6. Thomson Reuters Launches Precedent Analytics Challenges Lexis Context Formerly Ravel Law
  7. Hits and Misses Part 4 – Westlaw Edge Hit, Miss or Hold Off. Customer Respond.Show Me the ROI.
  8. Bloomberg BNA Announces BIG Name Change. Now Bloomberg Industry Group
  9. Hits and Misses Part 2. Best New Products and Features Released in 2018.
  10. Lexis Prepares to Launch Research Bot and Courtlink Makeover
  11. What Do Law Firms Need to Know about Buying Litigation Analytics Products?
  12. LexisNexis Integrates Courtlink into Lexis Advance Hooray
  13. Wolters Kluwer Responds – Malware Attack Started Monday May 5th not Friday May 3rd.
  14. Intelligize Launches Securities Redbook: Re-imagining The Book as Workflow Hub
  15. Hits and Misses Survey Part 3- Best Analytics Products and Best Analytics Documentation
  16. Bloomberg Law Joint the Brief Analyzer Party With a Touch of Intrigue

Older posts continue to get lots of readers in 2019 . Here are the most read posts from earlier years.

  1. The Improbable Rise of Law360: What Lawyer Could Learn and it’s not Just the News.
  2. 10K Wizard Bites the Dust
  3. LexisNexis Relaunches Ravel Law as Context Analytics Adds Expert Witnesses with Daubert Scorecard. 
  4. An Encounter with an EcoATM. Its Not Easy Being Green
  5. Thomson Reuters Legal Office Closings Follow
  6. Study Predicts Increased Demand for Lawyers and Librarians Through 2030
  7. Law Librarians Revolt—AALL Accuses LexisNexis of Engaging in Unfair Business Practices
  8. Judicata Just Ranked 20 Top California Law Firms by Grading Their Briefs. What Grade Did Your Firm Get?
  9. BloombergBNA Editor in Chief Outlines Reorganization Layoffs Shifts Content Strategy
  10. Blacks Law Dictionary 10th Edition. Everything Old is New Again.
  11. CARA AI: Did Casetext Just Drop Kick Keywords Out of the Legal Research Process?
  12. Westlaw Answers Looks A lot Like AI to Me
  13. Products at Risk Due to Thomson Reuters Layoffs. Readers Respond
  14. Move Over ALM and Law360, Lexblog Launching Legal News Network