This week Lex Machina added Remedies Analytics to their platform. Lawyers can now investigate the trends on grant and deny rates for permanent injunctions. Preliminary injunctions and temporary restraining orders. Grant/deny rates can be analyzed for specific judges and districts for the types of litigation currently covered by Lex Machina. These include antitrust. Commercial, copyright,

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Last week Bloomberg Law launched a new analytics tool, Health Care Fraud Analytics. A first of its kind tools offering insights into a very specific niche– health care fraud enforcement. The tool enables subscribers to search and filter health care fraud settlement agreements by court, entity, allegation, date which can be used to display trends in health care enforcement and settlements. The product also provides insights into whistle-blower suits and violation trends. Settlement analytics can be searched by law firm or
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The March issue of  Thomson Reuters Practice Innovations has been released. This issue focuses on AI’s impact on the business and practice of law, transformation of legal education and the ongoing challenges of value pricing and client collaboration.

The Full issue is available here.

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Skill Fade: The

Last  Thursday, Daniel Lewis, co-Founder of Ravel Law (now part of LexisNexis) gave the Keynote address at the annual Ark Best Practices & Management Strategies for Law Firm Library, Research and Information Services  conference in New York. Instead of another frothy,  sermon on the emergence of “robot lawyers,” Lewis delivered a measured analysis of the current state of AI in the legal market.  It was a dramatic counterpoint to some of the overheated  AI rhetoric reverberating througout the recent  Legal Tech conference in New York. Lewis provided a framework for understanding what AI can do today. His talk covered current AI technologies and applications. But the topic which was of greatest interest to me was the a practical outline  of  questions to ask of vendors who are selling AI enabled products.  How do you  distinguish marketing hype from reality? How do you help manage lawyer expectations after they have read about the latest “game changing” AI product — which was acquired by a peer law firm? When the talk was over I felt like standing up and cheering. 
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