It is no surprise that following the launch of their  AI enabled motion drafting platform Compose in February,  Casetext has secured  a new round of funding.  The $8.2 million  brings Casetext’s total funding to $40 million. Inside investors who participated in this round include Union Square Investors, Canvas Ventures and Y Combinator Continuity. The press release also refers to an unnamed “top law firm”  as leading the round.

The announcement comes in the wake of Casetext’s launch of their game changing new Compose software. Compose goes where no legal product has gone before. It actually helps a lawyer draft a motion tailored to specific federal
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Casetext is launching an AI driven drafting tool called Compose. Compose does not promise to replace lawyers – it
offers to make lawyers more efficient by automating the first draft of a motion or brief. It can also function as a tutorial for a new lawyer who is assigned with drafting a motion for the first time. Casetext is currently working with a group of law firm “partners” who will help them develop an expanded library of motions. According to Pablo Arredondo, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer
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On Thursday Tom Goldstein co-founder and publisher of  SCOTUSblog announced  a partnership with Casetext. “to help our readers access the court opinions, statutes and other primary legal content we cite in SCOTUSblog posts.” SCOTUSblog  is one of the oldest and most highly respected legal blogs. It provides a “one stop shop” for dockets, opinions

We are all on the path to research Nirvana. Along the way we meet the true believers — many of them are my fellow librarians others are legal tech entrepreneurs. I recently had a chat with Pablo Arredondo, Co-Founder and Chief Legal Research Officer at Casetext  an intrepid fellow traveler and legal research thought leader. Arredondo is passionate about citations, algorithms and optimizing the legal research experience. Casetext has recently  enhanced their algorithms to identify valuable new caselaw features and elements including: motions, causes of actions and party type which can be used as filters to narrow and focus a search.

Arredondo provided insights into the importance of these new features: “Optimal legal research systems must enable attorneys to navigate the common law along dimensions that matter.  Motion at
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Normally the top blog posts are  heavily weighted with posts which introduced readers to new products.  While readers remained interested in innovative products, this year  readers were also intensely interested in w legal publishing and technology company layoffs, expansions, pricing policies and content strategies. What do these changes say about the state of the legal

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Today Casetext is launching CARA AI which offers significant changes to both the CARA and Casetext research experience. Today CARA  is being transformed from a citation analysis tool into a full fledged legal research engine.

I had a chance to talk to Casetext co-founders Jake Heller and Pablo Arredondo about the launch . Heller, the CEO of Casetext describes these enhancements as “helping attorneys at any phase of their research find better authorities faster.”  Arredondo, who is the Chief Legal Research Officer described  CARA AI as offering a solution like Google, Apple and Amazon Prime — “CARA AI gives you only what you need.”


Key features include:

  • Seamless integration of CARA AI contextual search into the traditional research workflow.
  • The ability to execute searches by loading briefs, motions, complaints and answers.
  • An enhanced user interface, upgraded algorithm and increased speed.

Speed  The press release  states that  these enhancements make Casetext the “fastest research platform.” They did not provide any data to back this statement up,  but the demo I saw showed the new platform delivering near immediate search results and document retrievals. I have to agree –CARA AI is lightening fast.
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