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Thomson Reuters continues to build out features in Westlaw Edge. Today they have announced  a new  A.I. enabled quote checking feature which resides within the brief analysis tool Quick Check which was launched at the  American Association of Law Libraries meeting last July. Quick Check allows lawyers to upload a brief and quickly identify missing

Gentle readers— in a distant era (January) when no one was thinking about facemasks and hand sanitizer, I posted the annual Dewey B Strategic Hits and Misses Survey. In an attempt to “carry on” as if everything were normal, today I am reporting on the survey results.Thanks to the  87 readers who  responded to the survey between January and March 15th. Compared to 2018, 2019 was a fairly slow year for the launch of new products and features. As a result this years survey has fewer questions and fewer categories of new products. But this year the survey covered new analytics tools, analytics documentation, workflow tools, law comparison tools. The survey also asked
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LexisNexis has dominated litigation analytics since it’s acquisition of Lex Machina and Ravel Law over the past decade. Ravel has been integrated into Lexis Advance, under the Context brand. Today Lexis Nexis announced the launch of Context Company Analytics. The original Context Judges analytics product uses language analysis to gain insights into judges precedential behavior. With the Company Analytics launch they are using language analysis to visualize insights derived from business news, company financials and litigation. Lexis has historically been strong in both company
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It is no surprise that following the launch of their  AI enabled motion drafting platform Compose in February,  Casetext has secured  a new round of funding.  The $8.2 million  brings Casetext’s total funding to $40 million. Inside investors who participated in this round include Union Square Investors, Canvas Ventures and Y Combinator Continuity. The press release also refers to an unnamed “top law firm”  as leading the round.

The announcement comes in the wake of Casetext’s launch of their game changing new Compose software. Compose goes where no legal product has gone before. It actually helps a lawyer draft a motion tailored to specific federal
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Casetext is launching an AI driven drafting tool called Compose. Compose does not promise to replace lawyers – it
offers to make lawyers more efficient by automating the first draft of a motion or brief. It can also function as a tutorial for a new lawyer who is assigned with drafting a motion for the first time. Casetext is currently working with a group of law firm “partners” who will help them develop an expanded library of motions. According to Pablo Arredondo, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer
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On February  25th they are launching an exciting new legal news service  Legal  Radar which I believe  his targeted to deflate the aggressive growth and pricing of its main competitor Law360.

American Lawyer Media’s flagship publication, American Lawyer has been credited with inventing the legal news market in the 1980s.  ALM  has been exploring ways to reinvent  how lawyers consume legal news for several  years.  The relaunch of brought content from all 19 ALM legal publications together in a unified platform. The old legal intelligence platform was relaunched as Legal Compass. On Tuesday they will launch an AI enabled streaming news service for lawyers.

Legal Radar delivers a clean customizable stream of breaking legal news and competitive insights. Lawyers can track companies, industries, law firms as well as litigation. Legal Radar offers breaking litigation news within minutes of a filing.  When cases are reported documents such as complaints and opinions are attached to the story. I found  Legal Radar to be  visually “addicting” like an endless Facebook stream. It was hard to stop scrolling!  Like its competitor
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Lexis and Westlaw laid the foundations for today’s online research market in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Their dominance in the legal research arena was challenged on two fronts in the 2010’s. First they were challenged by the emergence of two full service competitors: Bloomberg Law and Fastcase. More surprising was the disruptive impact of the disgruntled, entrepreneur lawyers with a good idea and some venture capital who invented some completely new ways of approaching research and delivering insights..

Spinning Analytics Gold From Dockets. Lexis and WESTLAW were in the docket business for decades but it Lex Machina (now owned by Lexis Nexis) which invented a way for lawyers to use analytics for pitches and litigation strategy.

Lex Machina took the most mundane of legal data sets– docket entries and spun it into a goldmine of legal insights. Lex Machina started as a public interest project at Stamford Law school in 2006. The product leverages machine learning and natural language processing, to normalize, structure, and analyze raw data from millions of case dockets
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I have been predicting that predictive tools would gain an increasing presence  in the practice of law. The press release from Thomson Reuters about Legislative Insights on Westlaw Edge  carefully skirts the prediction issue by substituting the word “probabilities.” Thomson Reuters deep legislative coverage is about to be turbo charged with technology from Skopos Labs. Thomson Reuters was an early investor in Skopos through their venture capital arm Thomson Reuters Ventures.

Legislative Insight is driven by a proprietary machine learning and natural language processing methodology from
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