Better late than never. Here is my retrospective of top 2021 Dewey B Strategic posts.  The top stories reflect a wide swath of issues including rebranding, mergers, innovation, service disruptions, product realignments, launches, workflow and analytics. In looking at the list I am shocked to see that there is no reference at all to COVID-19.

It’s hard for me to believe that I wrote my first Dewey B Strategic  post on February 17, 2011.  My intended goal was to highlight the importance of librarians and knowledge managers as strategic assets in their organizations and to be an observer and possibly influencer in the legal publishing and legal tech marketplace. It has been a fantastically interesting ride. I have had a front row seat watching the development of dramatic new technologies. In 2011 the ground was being prepared for  the growth of AI, analytics, powerful workflow tools and the invention of new classes of research tools e.g. brief analysis.

In 2011, my first product review was about Fastcase. I covered the acquisition of BNA by Bloomberg and the collapse of Howrey, the innovative international law firm. I conducted a survey on the Best and Worst Legal Publishing Mergers. The PLL Summit was in its infancy and I covered Keynote, futurist Ester Dyson and a hilarious lunch talk by Esquire writer A.J. Jacobs the author of “The Know it All: One mans humble quest to become the smartest person in the world.” (Inspired of course by his father — obsessive lawyer, treatise writer Arnold S. Jacobs). I also railed against ebooks for legal research (the 8 track tape of legal research) – yet they survive! Links to 2011 posts listed below.

Many Thanks I want to thank you – the readers for all your feedback over the years. Thank you to my  informal posse of friends and proofreaders who  spot my mistakes. Thanks the many bloggers who inspired me, especially Ron Friedmann and Prism Legal, Greg Lambert of Three Geeks and the Law, David Lat of Above the Law and the Law and Bob Ambrogi of Law Sites.

I also want to thank the many legal tech innovators (mostly former lawyers with a dream) who sat down for interviews and shared their
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I have ranked the most popular 15  Dewey S Strategic posts of 2020.It is no surprise to me that posts about the release of specialty COVID resources by major legal publishers dominate – 4 of the 15 stories. My annual “Hits and Misses” survey results  were covered in 3 of the 15 top posts. The

Dear Colleagues and readers you must be asking yourselves:

What is a Blog-o-zine? It is word I made up to describe a print publication which includes  “best of” selection of  Dewey B Strategic  blog in 2017.

Why a print blog-o-zine?”  I, who have been an unrelenting advocate for digital information consumption have now pivoted to embrace a print representation of my 2017 blog posts?  The bottom line is that  I want to make my content accessible to more readers and to put it into a format which more easily “browse-able” for lawyers, researchers and legal information innovators who want to review a recent snapshot of the legal information landscape.

What inspired this? I had two epiphanies on the print versus digital issue in 2017. After 7 years of blogging it has become more difficult for me to locate my prior
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Happy New Year. I am kicking off 2018 with a look back at the most popular Dewey B, Strategic posts of 2017.

In mid – 2017 I moved  Dewey B Strategic off the Blogger platform and relaunched on Kevin O’Keefe’s LexBlog platform. Many thanks to the very patient technical staff at LexBlog for keeping me