Today marks the official launch of Wolters Kluwer  Legal & Regulatory US  VitalLaw platform. Last week I posted about the practical impact of this change on law librarians and knowledge managers.  VitalLaw offers a new and expanded version of Cheetah. Customers will benefit from a new dashboard; comprehensive federal and state laws and regulations for

Earlier this month Wolters Kluwer expanded their Practical Insights a component of  Kluwer Arbitration Practice Plus . Kluwer which offers the leading arbitration product for lawyers added practical guidance for 23 arbitration topics. The product will expand to 40 topics by November 2021.
The Kluwer Arbitration Practice Plus (KAPP) platform launched in 2019 as an add on to Kluwer Arbitration. KAPP includes an arbitrator

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The 2007 recession was sort of a “cattle prod” which shocked law firms into acknowledging that  clients won’t pay for inefficiency. Legal publishers responded with a variety of “know how” or KM tools  which have created  a highly competitive niche in legal publishing. Every major legal publisher LexisNexis ,Thompson Reuters, Bloomberg Law, and Wolters Kluwer have been focused on gaining market share by growing their practice guidance and drafting tools.
This week FEIT Consulting is releasing a study :”Findings from the LexisNexis Practical Guidance/Thomson Reuters Practical Law Focus Group Inquiry” which summarizes the results of four focus groups which pitted Thompson Reuters Practical Law against Lexis Practical Guidance (previously branded as Practice Advisor.)
The basic question : “Is Lexis practice guidance ready for prime time?”  appears to have been answered in the affirmative.
Well the librarians are a hardened and skeptical lot and will want to test, poke, probe and conduct their own internal focus groups before

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Today Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory U.S.   is announcing an expanded version of its COVID-19 State & Federal Compare Smart Chart™ which is   focused on “return to work” issues. New areas of coverage focus on a wide range of back to office content and caselaw related to the pandemic, accessible for all Cheetah™ and Cheetah™ for Corporate Counsel subscribers. The new back to office content compares corporate and local health policies on topics such  as vaccination requirements, face mask and shield requirements, social distancing and capacity limitations, specific restrictions by type of business.

“The latest updates to the Smart Chart come at a critical time as vaccination rates continue to climb, companies develop official back to office policies, and state and local jurisdictions set different mandates around COVID-19 precautions,” said Ken Crutchfield, Vice
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Today Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory U.S.   announced the relaunch of Corporate Counsel Profiler The new version is powered by analytics and enables lawyers, researchers, marketers and competitive intelligence specialists to uncover custom insights into in houses Counsel Department.

Granular information on corporate in-house counsel departments is a critical component of the marketing, pitch and competitive intelligence process. AND it is surprisingly difficult to find. Current users of Corporate Counsel Profiler will immediately
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Today Wolters Kluwer Legal &  Regulatory is announcing two significant enhancements to RBSource Filings with the addition of IPO Vital Signs and  M&A  deals. This integration will support capital markets practitioners work by delivering both insights and workflow efficiency tools.Wolters Kluwer has been busy in the capital markets arena. This launch comes only a month after the launch of The Merger Threshold Monitor on Kluwer Competition platform.

“With the IPO market on track to break records this year and M&A volume continuing to increase, it’s becoming more important for attorneys to access expert insights that help them stay competitive in the current landscape,” said Ken Crutchfield, Vice President and
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Legal News One of the most surprising developments of 2020 was the new focus on Legal News. ALM launched an innovative new alerting services called Radar which originally launched as (Legal Radar). Here are links to the posts I wrote about radar in February and November 2020. Westlaw although owned by the Thomson Reuters news organization had ignored the legal news market they launched Westlaw Today in 2020.  (The predecessor company West Publishing had made short lived attempt  with a product called Westlaw News sometime in the 1980s.) Fastcase which bought Law Street Media began publishing legal news which leveraged data harvested from their Docket Alarm analytics product. ( A new Lexis News offering Law360 Pulse which launched  in January 2021 was not included in this survey but will be included in the 2021 survey.)

Best Legal News Product: ALM’s Radar

Legal Marketplaces It has become nearly impossible to test and track all the new legal technology tools that flood the market each year. In addition, existing tools are transformed with powerful new functionality. Enter the legal marketplace – a new category of legal resource
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Today Wolters Kluwer Legal and Regulatory and Courtroom Insight or announcing a partnership which would enable mutual subscribers to access a large database of labor arbitration information including awards. Courtroom Insight which provides foundational directories including public information on experts, judges, lawyers and arbitrators enables law firms to build out internal knowledge management content related to these professionals including ratings and documents.
Courtroom Insight subscribers who also subscribe to the Wolters Kluwer Labor Arbitration Database will now have access to enhanced information on arbitrators including awards. As law firms gather data to develop more effective practice strategies it is clear that non-public arbitration data can be a powerful tool.

The press release includes a quote from  Cynthia Brown, Senior Director of Research Services at Littler Mendelson P.C. “Law firms are increasingly seeking time-saving workflow efficiencies across their organizations as they strive to provide more value to clients. This
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Today Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory US is releasing a new Application Programming Interface (API) which will make Wolters Kluwer content  from their Cheetah research platform available “your way” in your digital environment.

Legal research products and in fact the very notion of legal research as a  one size fits all process has morphed dramatically in the past twenty years. Wolters Kluwer’s U.S. predecessor, Commerce Clearing House launched their first revolutionary product – the loose-leaf treatise in 1913. With the rise of the regulatory state, lawyers had to master not only caselaw but the growing mass of regulatory material issues by federal agencies such as the IRS.

Twenty first century librarians are helping lawyers design workflow processes that integrate the “best of breed” content or tool into functional workflow spaces and enterprise search engines.  Workflow portals function as real time  tutorials prompting lawyers to the next step in  process. To that end portal and workflow designers need APIs that bring content directly into the law firm environment as well as IP authentication which allows federated SSO (single sign-on)  seamless access (no passwords, no client numbers). Wolters
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